Heart of Texas Foundation College of Ministry

The Heart of Texas Foundation College of Ministry runs on a five-term year running from January to December. Each term is eight weeks of instruction. And in each of the five terms, every student is taking two courses. The student body of the Heart of Texas Foundation College of Ministry includes 133 men and 30 women. We are in the process now of identifying the Class of 2026. As the Lord wills, the Class of 2025 will be the first class to graduate both men and women.

The Donor Visits

“Seeing is believing.” There is no more powerful proof of that old expression than to go into a men’s maximum-security prison with us.  We often take new friends of our work into the prisons to visit our Field Ministers. We often take donors as well. And our visitors encounter experiences they never could have imagined. 

Field Ministers teach men how to read

Studies show that the illiteracy rate in prisons is as high as 70%. The Field Ministers skillfully teach men to read. Learning to read requires a great deal of vulnerability and trust on the part of the student. The Field Ministers, as men of God, patiently and kindly teach men to read daily. Throughout the instruction time, the Field Ministers have the opportunity to pray with their student, listen to them, extend godly counsel, and display the heart of Christ as they share the good news of Christ.

Taking the Gospel into the Darkest of Places

What drives us in this calling?  It is to take the gospel of Jesus Christ into the darkest of places. For us, those places are where men and women in solitary confinement live out their days, and often years, alone. Totally alone. They are not allowed to go to church, to attend bible study, to take classes, go to the library, the recreation yard, the cafeteria. They are locked up inside the lockup.  

Texas Field Ministers

For 13 years, the Heart of Texas Foundation College of Ministry has spearheaded the vision for Field Ministers in Texas. It is a privilege, as the college, to provide the education of men and women with long prison sentences toward the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Ministry.