Field Ministers Provide Literacy Instruction

The Field Ministers Reading Acceleration Center

Long ago we discovered that most men in prison have great difficulty reading. We have seen it in round-table discussions with inmate men; the ones who can’t read work carefully to mask this fact, because in prison one doesn’t want to get the reputation of being “stupid,” and a non-reader can be seen as that.

While men and women are students, they learn a research-based methodology of how to teach an adult to read. The Field Minister teams at Memorial and Hobby provide the opportunity for students to work with general population inmates who struggle with comprehension, word recognition, pronunciation, and other indicators of reading difficulties. The results during our first year have been amazing and very rewarding.

If a person can’t read well, how can they be discipled through the Word of God?  National studies reveal that nearly 70% of all people in prison are either semi-literate or are illiterate. We want to have Reading Acceleration Centers in every Field Ministers prison in Texas.

The Proposal for The Field Minister Portable Reading Acceleration Center was written by
Field Ministers Stephen Mole, Robert Franz, Johnny Blevins, and Orlando Sanchez