The Donor Visits

“Seeing is believing.” There is no more powerful proof of that old expression than to go into a men’s maximum-security prison with us.  We often take new friends of our work into the prisons to visit our Field Ministers. We often take donors as well. And our visitors encounter experiences they never could have imagined. 

Friends like Jack Fields and Bill Lloyd, from The West Endowment, went on a special visit with us to Darrington penitentiary, where we have our 4-year bible college training program, which we fully fund through their gifts, and yours! Through the gospel’s transforming power, these inmate Field Ministers and students have found a way to serve out their long sentences in service to their peers.

There is no better way for a church pastor or person from the business community to understand the impact of the work of the Texas Field Ministers, and The Heart of Texas Foundation. And these visits encourage both our Scarborough College students as well as our Field Ministers.