Fellowship and Continued Growth

The Heart of Texas Foundation supports the mission and goals of TDCJ and the Rehabilitation Programs Division. As the service providers of the Field Ministers Program, we want to take the next step in preparing men and women who earn the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Ministry to be effective once they reach their outlying units to begin their work as Field Ministers.

The Field Ministers Academy will be annually sponsored and hosted by The Heart of Texas Foundation, in partnership with TDCJ.


With the help of TDCJ and RPD, we are creating The Field Ministers Academy.

  • The Field Ministers Academy will be held periodically via regional phone conferencing and one in-person gathering of all Field Ministers.
  • Upon graduation from The Heart of Texas Foundation College of Ministry at the Memorial Unit, the newly commissioned Field Ministers are transferred to their field assigned units.
  • The Field Ministers Academy will be a gathering of all Field Ministers across the state.
  • The Heart of Texas Foundation will bring in special guests who are leaders in Government, Corrections, and Pastoral Ministry.
  • The Field Ministers Academy will be coordinated with TDCJ in all respects.

We want to give the men the opportunity to be strengthend and refreshed as Field Ministers. We want them to have the added confidence that comes with extended training based on the years of experience we have all gained since the first Field Ministers went on the field in 2015. We want them to continue to minister to men like Karl who you can hear from in the following video.

The Field Ministers of the John B. Connally Unit faithfully visited the men in restricted housing. Karl Harris was one of those men. Karl is now a leader for the good on his unit and has received a reduced sentence with the opportunity to be released from prison. Without the Field Ministers being able to visit Karl, he might still be lost in a cell alone.