Mike, Michael Unit

We gained two more Field Ministers last month and now have five. Our team is now stronger that it’s ever been! We recently baptized nine more in administrative segregation—making over 70 overall in three-and-a-half years.

One of them was Jimmy L. An officer pointed me to him . . .

a year ago. Jimmy told me he had AIDS and he was scared to die. Jimmy had lived a wretched life and did not think he could ever be right with God. I shared the gospel with him and he received Christ like a thirsty man in a dessert. I’ve discipled him this whole time and peace reigns in his heart now.

There’s more. He told me his family abandoned him 20 years ago, but he wanted to ask them for forgiveness. My sister did some research and learned that his dad and step-mother are dead. But my sister found Jimmy’s older sister.

Jimmy wrote his sister, and she wrote back with astounding news: His biological mother is still alive. He had been told that she died when he was four. His Mom wrote to him saying she had been looking for him for forty years!

So, now he has Christ, a mom, and a sister who love him. His Mom and sister are coming to visit him.

Without being able to reach him as a Field Minister he would still be destitute.

Mike. W., Class of 2015