“We love because he first loved us.”

1 John 4:19, ESV

Anything we can do to further equip, support, and train the Field Minister to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ and with Christian morals and values, we will do. For those Field Ministers who are not Christians, we advocate for their continued religious freedom and voluntary participation in any service The Heart of Texas Foundation is privileged to provide, though it will always be Christian in nature and identity. 

The Heart of Texas Foundation’s work through the Texas Field Ministers Program is a commitment to continually offer active support to everyone involved, resulting in each person flourishing in community with a mind, heart, and ability to serve others.  


  • Wardens and Chaplains training. The Heart of Texas Foundation annually provides a portion of the Texas Field Ministers Program orientation training for wardens and chaplains who have Field Ministers assigned to their units.
Grove presents to TDCJ Wardens and Chaplains at TDCJ headquarters in Huntsville regarding the Texas Field Ministers Program.
  • Field Minister Cross-training. The Heart of Texas Foundation will continue to provide Field Ministers opportunities for training while on the field.


  • Field Minister Team Resource Kits. The The Heart of Texas Foundation has provided and delivered Field Ministry kits to all Field Ministry Units. These kits include a theological library, counseling materials, as well as, two computers and one printer. The Field Ministers need resources once they are on the field.
  • Resource replenishment. The The Heart of Texas Foundation continues to work with the Field Minister teams to assess their needs. Some teams need sound equipment, specific counseling resources, or theological books and materials. We are working systemically to assess these needs and meet them so that ministry can continue to grow and mature and adapt to the unique needs of the units.

Local Church Adoption

  • Part of our end-goal for each Field Ministry team is that a nearby church would adopt the team, and become an ongoing source of pastoral care and help. Teams need their own pastor to counsel and encourage them, and to help provide materials for their ministry— Bibles, paper, pens, tracts, for example. We prayerfully make trips to the Field Ministry prisons and their nearby churches to identify local pastors who might wish to meet the Field Ministers who are incarcerated so close to their churches. When this happens, great joy comes to the local church’s pastor and his flock, and great joy comes to the Field Ministry team.
Pastor Mark Dean and the elders of Sienna Ranch Baptist Church have adopted and regularly minister to the Field Minister team—Jason, Calvin, Jackie, John, and Damion (not pictured)—at the Stringfellow Unit in Brazoria County.

If your church would like to know more about adopting a Field Minister team in your area or how you might be able to serve them, please let us know.

Church – Field Ministers Team Adoption Inquiry

The Heart of Texas Foundation makes a lifelong commitment to men and women who enter the Texas Field Ministers Program and successfully keep their jobs as Field Ministers.

“We love because he first loved us.”

1 John 4:19, ESV